Tenuta La Cà is open to visitors to share in an experience that is so much more than wine. Our wine is a narrator that will take you on a journey through the natural surroundings of the area, its techniques, technology, hospitality and passion.

Part One: Nature and Area

The tour begins at the large, majestic wrought iron gate. Once inside, you will be greeted by the vast vine-filled valley, with red and white grapes – an incredible blaze of colours. As you walk through, you will be completely immersed by nature, in the yards where the grapes are ripening, alternating with copses of olive trees. A walk that will let you forget the frenetic stress of everyday living.

Second part: Technique and Technology

The second part of the tour continues through the winery, followed by all of the stages of wine production. Walking through the countryside, our visitors enter the winery directly, enjoying a unique, hands-on experience, meeting the people who make our wines great every day. The tour goes on to show the birth and development of the wine: from the vinification room to the barrel cellar, where the most important wines are laid down.

Third part: Hospitality and Passion

The third part of the tour takes place in the tasting room and in the large portico which visitors enter from the barrel cellar. The tasting room is the perfect place for the most awaited moment: here it is possible to savour the bouquets and aromas of our wines. The tour concludes with a moment of genuine sharing: our wine, the real narrator of the tour, is a living product and the genuine result of the commitment, passion and love for this unforgettable area as well as offering the pleasure of getting to meet new people and to spend time with them.

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