The Estate and the Area

Our commitment, passion and love of the area, together with the mild climate and clean air, make this place so special that anyone who leaves it is just sure to want to come back.

Tenuta La Cà is a 15-hectare estate in the area of Calmasino in Bardolino. Twelve hectares are dedicated to wine growing and the remainder is home to a charming olive grove, the Winery and the Agritourism facility. The estate is cultivated with care and passion by staff who share the ethos of the estate, which is in the heart of DOC Bardolino territory, with the controlled origin denomination that extends from the eastern shore of Lake Garda to the south with the moraine hills extending inland into the province of Verona.

Lake Garda regulates the climate in the surrounding area, making it milder for a guaranteed yearly average temperature of about 12-13°C and humidity of about 70%.
The heat-regulating effect of Garda is an excellent aid to quality wine and olive growing; the area is never affected by sudden temperature changes and in winter, it rarely gets to below 2-3°C.

These rolling, fertile hills are home to Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes – the three main varieties of red grape, used to make Bardolino and Valpolicella wines.
Corvina grapes are what give wine its body and deep red colour; Rondinella is responsible for the typically herby and lightly spiced flavour, while Molinara grapes add the fragrance and freshness.


The clay and sand deposited over millions of years, following the melting of the ancient glacier that occupied the basin of Lake Garda, are the reason for a mostly lime soil under which there are small water courses, once from the molten glaciers and now supplied by rainfall penetration. All of these streams and small rivers are at the source of the great Lake.

The soil has excellent drainage and is constantly supplied by the moisture of underground rivulets that continue to flow even in moments of drought, making it possible to specialise in growing grapes and olives . These have found their ideal habitat here, growing, thriving, and making superior wine and oil, with an intense flavour and undisputed excellent quality.



The ventilation from the top of Mount Baldo meets with other constant air currents, guaranteeing a cool, healthy climate that makes growing crops easier as well as offering guests on this wonderful estate a cool, and pleasant stay. Here, in the beautiful countryside of Garda’s hills, tranquility and silence are only ever interrupted by the sounds of nature.

The winds coming off Lake Garda are an integral part of this area and the Tenuta La Cà estate has chosen their names to celebrate some of its most important wines.